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Weekly Planner - Undated

Creating Evergreen planners is an essential part of your journal and planner business. With the basic templates you can quickly create planners of varying page lengths to add to your business, or to give away or sell to your clients. 

All you need to do is brand the planner with your information, duplicate the planner templates to any page length required, and presto you have multiple new planners to promote.

For example you could create:

  • 30 Day Weekly or Daily Planner
  • 60 Day Weekly or Daily Planner
  • 90 Day Weekly or Daily Planner
  • 120 Day Weekly or Daily Planner

Are you getting the idea?


Your next question, no doubt, is “How do I create these planners?”.


Introducing our Weekly Planner - Undated Version

All of our planners come with a Commercial Use License. This allows you to claim the product as your own and sell it on sites such as Amazon KDP, Lulu, Shopify and Etsy.


Here's What's Included in our Weekly Planner - Undated

You get editable PowerPoint files, so you can easily re-brand this content and use it as your own. 

24 Templates

You get the following useful templates that you can brand as you wish. All templates come in a full color version and a grey scale version.

  •  Cover Page
  • Belongs to Page
  • Undated Calendar
  • Daily Page
  • Daily Schedule
  • Week at a Glance Part 1
  • Week at a Glance Part 2
  • Main Goal for the Month
  • Brainstorming Page
  • Action Planner
  • Journal/Thoughts Page - Lined
  • Journal/Thoughts Page - Unlined
  • Budget Sheet
  • Lessons Learned this Month
  • Monthly Plans Overview
  • Quote of the Week/Month
  • Wish List
  • Gifts to Give List
  • Future Projects/Tasks
  • General To Do List
  • Mood Tracker
  • Rituals Page 1
  • Rituals Page 2
  • Framed Border Page

Preview of the Templates

 Ecovers + PSD Files

Use these ecovers to help you personalize your planner.  PSD files are included for the main cover if you wish to edit them. 

Plus we have included additional Ready to Use Covers in JPEG format. 

Plus - A PowerPoint Cover Template - just insert your high resolution into the templates and save as a PDF

We have included Additional Graphics for you as well.

 All the graphics in the PowerPoint template are included as individual files.

Bonus GraphicsExtra graphics are included

Book Tags - these are great for using on your ecovers, or using as a Belongs to Page image. Set of 9 Tags are included as JPEG and PNG files.

How to Use These Templates

Edit and brand them to suit your business needs or niche.

Duplicate the pages to the number of pages you want in your planner.

For Example:

  • Duplicate the Month page to match your planner, if you're creating a 90 Day Planner then use 3 calendar pages and just add a line for users to write in the month
  • Duplicate the daily pages to match the length
  • Do the same with the Daily Schedule page
  • Duplicate the Week at a Glance page - 4 per month
  • Add in your Action Planner page 1 per month
  • Decide how many Journal/Thoughts pages you would like and add those in

Are you starting to get the idea?

Now you have your own product you can:

  • Sell it
  • Publish on platforms like Amazon or Lulu
  • Give it to your customers & clients
  • Use portions to build your list
  • Create New Templates & sell as PDFs in your Etsy or Shopify Store

Free for you as part of the Content Creation Toolkit Offer:

Remember this content comes with a Commercial License. Which means you can brand this planner as your own - simply add your logo & URL to the content and resell, publish it, or give it away to your list. 

You may NOT give away any of the source documents - just save as a PDF & give this version away.

Here's what you get today: 

  • 24 PowerPoint Templates ready to edit
  • Grey scale versions of the templates
  • Main ecovers in 2 styles with PSD files
  • Set of 6 additional ecovers delivered as JPEG files
  • PowerPoint Cover Template
  • Set of 9 book tags
  • Bonus Graphics
  • License to edit and brand the planner as you see fit

You may re-brand the PowerPoint templates but may not give the original files to your customers and clients. If they wish to edit the templates then they will need to purchase their own copy. 

Content Creation Toolkit 
Weekly Planner - Undated

Commercial Use License Included 

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