Wedding Planner

Comes in both PowerPoint for Publishing & Digital Versions

Digital Planners are super popular and are used on iPads, iPhone's & Android Devices. They are imported as an PDF file into Apps such as Good-notes & Notability. A neat feature of digital planners are the stickers that come with them - users love to decorate the planners & to personalize  them. 

Introducing our Wedding Planner

Use this planner to target this evergreen niche that is always in demand. This planner comes with all the pages a bride needs to plan her important day. We have even included a 'Pledge Between Us' section so the bride and groom can record their vows and dreams of the future. 

Here's a preview of the print version templates that we have created for you.  

Here's What's Included 

You get editable PowerPoint files, so you can easily re-brand this content and use it as your own. We have created the journal with various options for you:

  •  94 Pages, 8 x 10 Black & White Option - perfect for uploading to self-publishing sites 
  •  94 Pages, 8 x 10 Color Option - create printables to sell on Etsy or Shopify
  • 94 Pages, 8 x 10 Minimalist Version - no graphics, start with a blank slate
  • Set of 5 JPG Covers

Use as is, or add your own touches to the PowerPoint file before saving it as a PDF.  

  Templates Include

  • Cover Page
  • Pledge & Between Us Pages 
  • Divider Pages
  • Wedding Budget Pages
  • Decision Making Pages
  • Suppliers/Swatches/Outfits/Venues
  • Gift & Favors Ideas
  • Flowers/Cakes/Decor Pages
  • Bridal Party Choices
  • Guest List Pages
  • Master Checklists
  • Budget Pages
  • Countdown Pages
  • Notes Pages in Various layouts
  • Journal Pages in Various layouts 

PowerPoint Preview 

Use to publish to KDP, create Printables from or sell from your own website. 

 94 Interior Templates - Full Color, Greyscale & Minimalist 

 5 Covers - JPG Files

We have included Ready to Use Covers in JPEG format. Use these ecovers to help you personalize your planner.  Just add your own title.  

Digital  Preview 

55 double page templates sized for the digital market

Easily Switch out the Rose background by adding a new image to the Slide Master 

Format the Background and Insert a new Picture while in Slide Master View

 41 Digital Stickers - Individual PNG Files

 5 Digital Covers - Png Files

How to Use These Templates

Edit and brand them to suit your business needs or niche.

We have provided you various layouts of templates that fit this market. Take these and turn them into any length planner you like. 

Here's a few  ideas on how to customize these templates: 

  • Change out the background image for a new look
  • Turn into a Printables pack  
  • Change out the colors and fonts
  • Offer a Digital Planner as well as a Print version

Now you have your own product you can:

  • Sell it
  • Publish on platforms like Amazon or Lulu
  • Give it to your customers & clients
  • Use portions to build your list
  • Create New Templates & sell as Printables in your Etsy or Shopify Store - PDF's only

How Much Does this Cost?

This Wedding Planner is ready to go in two different versions - PowerPoint for Publishing & as a Digital Planner - perfect for using on mobile devices.

Remember this content comes with a Commercial License. Which means you can brand this planner as your own - simply add your logo & URL to the content and resell, publish it, or give it away to your list. 

You may NOT give away any of the source documents - just save as a PDF & give this version away.

Here's what you get for your payment today: 

PowerPoint  Version

  • 94 PowerPoint Pages ready to edit
  • Full Color version
  • Black and white version
  • Minimalist version
  • Set of 5 JPG Covers
  • License to edit and brand the planner as you see fit

You may re-brand the PowerPoint templates but may not give the original files to your customers and clients. If they wish to edit the templates then they will need to purchase their own copy. 

Digital Version

  • 55 Digital Planner Pages ready to edit
  • Hyperlinks & Tabs
  • Full Color version
  • Set of 5 Digital Covers - PNG files
  • Set of 41 Stickers - PNG files
  • License to edit and brand the planner as you see fit

You may re-brand the PowerPoint templates but may not give the original files to your customers and clients. If they wish to edit the templates then they will need to purchase their own copy. 

Wedding Planner
Choose your option below:


Suitable for Publishing


  • PowerPoint Templates
  • JPG Covers
  • Images
  • Fonts

Suitable for iPads, Android Devices  Only


  • PowerPoint Files
  • Hyperlinks & tabs in place
  • Digital Covers
  • Sticker Set - PNG Files

Frequently Asked Questions

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Refund Policy

Please note there are NO refunds as this is a Digital Download that comes with a Commercial/ PLR license. The package is clearly outlined on the sales page.

You may use this product for commercial use - to create new journals and planners to sell on e-commerce platforms, self publish or for clients.

You MAY NOT sell this to other authors with PLR or MLR rights.

Once you purchase, you will receive a link to download your files. Your files are kept inside your members area, for as long as you remain a member.

If you have any questions please email me at sue (at)

You may view our full license details here.