Brand New 
Sisters Journal

Sisters Journal

Our brand new Sisters Journal is the perfect gift to give to your sister. Comes with a Letter to my sister page, so you can add a handwritten note. Other pages include places to add Birthstones, favorite gifts, grandkids birthdays, family celebrations. Then several pages with journal memory prompts such as 'What I love about you the most' and 'When I lost my first tooth'. 

Then there are doodle pages, pages to add photos, a bucket list and 90 journal pages. At the end of the journal is a Forever page, where your sister can dedicate this journal to a special person as a keepsake. 

This Sisters Journal comes as an 8.5 x 11 inch grey-scale template,  so it's ready for publishing. We have added margins that allow lots of room for writing on both sides of the paper. One common complaint with journal writers is that you can't write on the inside margins easily. So with our Sisters Journal we have increased this margin size for you. 

We have added covers that may be used on both Amazon KDP and Lulu. The cover templates come in Photoshop as well as PowerPoint.  Use our done for you images or add your own. We have included blank covers so you can create your own unique title if you wish. 

Cover Images 8.5 x 11 inches - Come ready to use on both Amazon KDP & Lulu

We Have Included Blank Covers with No Title For Easy Editing!

Preview of Sisters Journal 

This journal is 8.5 x 11 inches with 147 done for your pages in PowerPoint

Closer Look: Pages are decorated with a delicate Rose detail

Slides are delivered in PowerPoint for easy editing. Plus get access to our free Facebook Group where you can get additional support. 

Please note the images that are included in this journal are not to be resold or used outside of this journal. 

Preview of Quote Posters

Images come in both JPG & PNG formats

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Commercial Use License Included 

Recap of What You Get Today

Sisters Journal - 147 Pages 

8.5 x 11 inch Journal - formatted for Amazon KDP, Lulu or to add to your Etsy Store

  •  1. 147 Page Journal in  PowerPoint - 8.5 x 11 inches 
  • 2. Book Margins Have Been Added For You
  • 3. Ready to Use Cover Images for Amazon KDP & Lulu
  • 4. PSD Files + PowerPoint Cover Templates 
  • 5. Posters with Sister Related Quotes - JPG & PNG
  • 6. Commercial License - Allows you to re-brand & edit as you wish. Create new PDF's and then sell or give those away. 

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Commercial Use License Included 

Thank you from Createful Journals 
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Please Note: You may use this content as you wish. Edit & brand it to create your own version or add to a new line of journals & planners.

Resell your new version [PDF] to your customers & clients or give away to build your list. 

To Your Journaling & Planner Success

Sue Fleckenstein/Createful Journals