Online Business Planner - Editable PDF

Online Business Planner - Editable PDF

While lots of people love to write in their planners and journals there is a growing trend for Online versions.  In our new 'Screen Journals' you get a ready to use PDF file that can be typed in. Your customer's just need the Free Adobe Reader for it to work. 

This version is only available as an Editable PDF  & contains editable fields to help you create a customized planner.  All Blue areas are editable.

         Online Business Planner - Look Inside the PDF

We have created this planner so you can customize the headings and title of the planner if you wish. The areas that flash blue/purple are the areas where your customers can type into the document online. Use the Tab on the keyboard to navigate through the document. 

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Sue Fleckenstein/Createful Journals