Introducing the
One Line a Day Journal

One Line a Day or Memory Journals are growing in popularity. The journals are created for either a 3,4 or 5 year span with each page having room for just one of two lines of writing.

You simply fill in the year behind the 20 and you are ready to start using the journal. The following year as you fill in the current date you have a wonderful reminder of what you did, or what happened on that exact date last year!

These types of journals make great family keepsakes that can be treasured and passed down to your children and grand-children.

Here's What's Included in our Line a Day Journal 

You are getting ready to use templates to create your own journals quickly.

We have created these journals in a popular 6 x 9 size and each journal has 374 pages in total.

Today you get:

  • A 3, 4 and 5 year journal template.
  • Each year comes in two different styles - lined style and a blank box style.
  • Both come as an Undated version and then a Dated version.
  • All delivered in easy to edit PowerPoint so you can re-brand it as your own.

374 pages of content

And you can choose whether it's 3 years, 4 years or 5 years! And if it's lined or boxed, dated or undated. Of course you can publish all of these versions too!

Preview of the pages

You can see the various layout styles below. Simply insert your choice of cover graphic on the first page, add your copyright details and insert a back page or cover image.

Here's a preview of the unboxed, dated pages 

Here's a preview of the unboxed, undated pages 

Here's a preview of the boxed & dated pages

Here's a preview of the boxed & undated pages

Bonus Images

We have created 2 bonus images for your journals: 
1. A Belongs To
2. If Found

Variety of Ecovers

Use these ecovers to help you personalize your planner.  PSD files are included if you wish to edit them. 

Ready to Use KDP covers come with Text and No Text. Simply add your own title, save as a PDF and they are ready to upload.

 We have included various front page covers with a matching back page that you can easily insert into your PowerPoint template. Just add your own title text and your journal is ready to use.

How to Use this
One Line a Day Journal

Here's a few ideas on how to use our One Line a Day Journal. 

Create your own branded versions to sell on your own website, upload to KDP or sell in your Etsy store.

Create niche specific line a day journals: 

  • Moms One Line a Day
  • Teachers One Line a Day
  • Floral One Line a Day
  • Dads One Line a Day
  • A Memory a Day for...
  • Memory Journals for...

How Much Does this Cost?

We are offering our Line a Day Journal at a super affordable price.

Remember this content comes with Editable Rights. Which means you can brand this content as your own - simply add your logo & URL to the content and resell or give it away to your list.

You may NOT give away any of the source documents - just save as a PDF & give this version away. 

Here's what you get for your payment today: 

  • Journal templates in 3, 4 & 5 year layouts
  • Each year comes in two styles plus dated and undated for both
  • Total of 4 templates per year, 12 in total
  • Set of 4 covers in 2 page and single page layout
  • Bonus Belongs to & If Found images

You may re-brand the PowerPoint slides but may not give the original files to your customers and clients. If they wish to edit the planner then they will need to purchase their own copy. 

Get Your One Line A Day Journal Today!

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