KDP Canva Templates

You can now create your KDP Covers and Interiors inside Canva

New KDP Covers and Interior Canva Templates

In this new pack we have created an entire publishing pack for you to use in your business. You can use our Canva templates to create both paperback and hardcover editions of no content books.

KDP Templates are sized as follows:

KDP Templates Sizes

4 Styles of Interiors for each cover size:

  • Lined
  • Dashed
  • Dotted
  • Graph
KDP Canva Templates
  • Commercial Use License for the Templates allows you to sell the journals you create. They need to be sold as PDF files and may not include any of the source files/Canva Templates. 

Ready to use with 100 pages - Just add more in the PDF Version and Combine with any PDF Editor

69 Template Layouts: 

Please note these layouts are designed for use as Non Bleed

Examples of the Canva Templates:

Hardcover Template:

Paperback Template

You may use the graphics and papers to generate your final product, but may not give the original files or your modified  file to your customers and clients. If they wish to edit the files then they will need to purchase their own copy.

Here's what's included for you today:

  • 69 Canva Templates
  • Detailed Instructions on Using the Templates
  • Additional Notes & Tips
  • Commercial Use License for the Templates

Remember this content comes with a Commercial License. Which means you can brand these finished books as your own - simply add your logo & URL to the content and resell, publish it, or give it away to your list. 

Please note only the PDF versions may be resold - you do not have resell rights to sharing the Canva Templates

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Commercial Use License Included 

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