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Family Memories Planner

includes editable/re-brandable rights - commercial use license

Family Memories Planner

We have just added a new Planner to our product line. The main Family Memories Planner is 54 pages and includes memory templates from Childhood and up. Includes Vacation & Photo pages and lots of room for notes and doodles.

Plus we have added some super ecover graphics that you can use if you wish. 

Family Memories Planner - 54 Pages

We have created this Planner for you in PowerPoint. It's super easy to edit and brand to suit your needs. The planner is 54 pages long and includes various page templates that you can easily re-name to suit your needs. 

Here's a preview of the planner pages. 

Additional Templates

In this file you get an additional 29 page layouts so you can mix & match and create a truly unique Family Memories Planner of your own.

A closer look at two of the additional templates

22 Royalty Free Images Included 

We have included all the royalty free images we used to create this planner. This way you can edit or re-color them as you wish. See included How to Use Instructions for tips on how to recolor these images. 

Ecovers with PSD Files Included 

Publish your new planner quickly by using our ready to use ecovers. Each ecover comes in two different styles. Or just change the image with the PSD files. Plus we include our recommended image resource as well if you would prefer to change out the images! 

Bonus Family Memory Prompts

We have included a Word Document with 50 memory prompts to help inspire you when adding content to your planner. Use this file yourself or turn it into a PDF and give it away as a Lead Magnet for your planner. 

“Use our templates to help you create your own branded versions that you can sell on your website, upload to Self Publishing sites or sell in your Etsy or Shopify Store.”

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Just decide how you want to use your new planner

  • Customize it to suit your branding then offer it for sale to your customers & clients.
  • Or use it as a Lead Magnet to build your list.  Create an opt-in page or use it as a bonus product to another journal or planner that you are currently selling or promoting. Great for using as an affiliate bonus! 
  • Super easy to use -  we have made this planner so easy to use by providing you with the PowerPoint template. 

We have done all the hard work for you!

Using editable content is the fastest way to add new products to your own store to grow your business and customer list at the same time! 

Includes Commercial Use License - You may edit & sell as you wish with personal use rights only.  

What You Get Today -  Family Memories Planner

Here's a recap of what you get when you purchase your planner today! 

  •   Main Planner  54 pages of editable content presented as a PowerPoint Template
  •   Additional Templates  29 additional templates so you can mix & match with the main file & create your own  planner
  •   Ready to Use Ecover  Ready to use ecovers in 4 styles plus PSD files if you would like to customize the covers
  •   Royalty Free Images  We have included the images used in a separate file for you
  •   Memory Prompts  Use as a Lead Magnet, or to create additional content and pages - Delivered as a Word Document
  •   Commercial Use License  Allows you to re-brand as you wish. Create new PDF's and then sell or give those away with personal use rights only. 

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Thank you from Createful Journals!

Please Note: You may use this content as you wish. Edit & brand it to create your own planners or add to a new line of journals & planners.

Resell your new version [PDF] to your customers [personal use rights only] & clients or give away to build your list. 

To Your Journaling & Planner Success

Sue Fleckenstein/Createful Journals