Etsy Mockups Toolkit

Use our done for you Esty Mockups to help you create your listings quickly and effortlessly. 

Creating your image listings can take lots of time, especially when you are trying to fill your new shop with lots of new digital products. 

Our Mockups are created in PowerPoint so they are easy to edit, use our backgrounds or upload your own, change the colors & fonts to suit your brand. Save your templates and upload to your store. 

Why Use PowerPoint Mockups?

  • If you currently use PowerPoint to create your printables, it just makes sense to create your Mockups in the same software too.
  • If you need some inspiration for designing your templates, we are here to help you. 
  • You have products to upload to Etsy but creating the Mockups is holding you back. 
  • Anyone who doesn't have the time to do this from scratch.
  • Anyone who doesn't have the budget to hire a freelancer.
  • You don't like, or can't get the hang of using programs such as Canva or Pic Monkey. 

Super Easy & Quick to Use - Just Click & Fill Shapes

Preview of the Templates

Etsy Mockup Templates

  • Brand Kit Template 

Add your own brand colors, fonts, log, patterns in our handy template.

  • Ribbon Banners 

Create customized ribbons and embellishments to add to your listings. 

  • Digital Paper Layouts + Cover Bundle Layout 

Sized for digital papers - just fill with your previews.

Label with Sample or remove text 

  • Printable Page Layouts 

Sized for Printables - fill with your previews 

  • Styled Layouts 

Various ready to use layouts

Laptop layout

  • Bundle Styled Layouts 

Sized for Printables - fill with your previews 

Position Shapes as you like on the page 

How to Use These Mockups

Video training is included in your members area on how to use these mockups. 

58+ Mockups and Branding Items are included - future uploads are included as well. 

Here's what's included for you today: 

  • 1 Branding Template 
  • 3 Ribbon & Banner Templates 
  • 6 Sample Templates to help you get started
  • 5 Digital Paper Layouts - including cover layout
  • 5 Basic Layouts
  • 8 Bundle Style Layouts 
  • 30 Themed Layouts with various elements & backgrounds - all backgrounds are allowed for commercial use 

Plus we will show you: 

  • Where to find great background images 
  • Where to buy "Props" at a low cost
  • Free Image sources for your Mockups

How About Creating those Etsy Videos? 

Etsy now recommends that you upload short videos to your listings. Not sure how to do these quickly? 

We are including a bonus Video Template with instructions on how to use it to create your Videos for Esty. 

Putting it all Together 

We won't just sell you templates and leave you to your own devices. We are including video training on how to use the templates as well. 

Here's what you will learn: 

  • Walk through of the templates
  • How to use the shapes to get your printables to display nicely
  • How to create multiple copies to reuse over and over again quickly
  • How to easily move around your printables on the mockups 
  • How to use our Video Template
  • Where to find additional graphics and props for your images
  • Tips for organizing your mockups for easy reference
  • How to upload your images to Etsy

Here's an Overview of the course outline - follow along step by step! 

Please note that these templates are for your personal use only - you may not resell the templates or any of the mockups you create from them. 

Samples of the Styled Mockups 

Here's what you get for your payment today: 

  • 58+ Etsy Mockups Templates
  • Access to updates as they become available
  • Etsy Video Template + Training 

Please note that these templates are for your personal use only - you may not resell the templates or any of the mockups you create from them. 

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What our students are saying.

I love creating products, but I’m not so fond of creating all of the images I need to showcase my products when I put them up for sale.

Sometimes, getting those images ready feels like creating a whole second product, but there’s no good way around it.

Etsy can be particularly challenging with all of the sizes and styles you need - plus the new video suggestion - it makes me want to put those products off!

Thankfully, Sue’s Etsy Mockups Kit takes all the extra effort out of creating product displays, which let’s me focus on designing my products not the sales images for them. Sue’s also included a template for those new Etsy videos, and because all of this was made for PowerPoint, there’s no expensive, complicated software required.

Sue tops it all off with easy-to-follow, how-to training that walks you through the whole process. I love this Kit! 

Shawn Hansen

This was a FANTASTIC course! It was exactly what I was looking for. One of the things that were keeping me from getting my printables up on Etsy was the difficulty in making a good listing that looked right. Thank you so much for this course and the Mockup templates which were superb!


This is what has kept me from putting more printables into my shop. It seemed to take me forever to do the mock-ups; resizing and fiddling with everything would take all the wind out of my sails. This is going to help me list things so much faster now – it’s a real game changer! Thank you so much!!!


I too, love your style of teaching. You have such a calming relaxing voice that makes learning so easy.

I’m one of your biggest fans when it comes to courses!


Thanks so much for another wonderful course. I enjoy them so much. Love your style of teaching too.


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