Createful Covers 

Video Training 

Createful Covers Video Training

We have created a series of training videos to help you easily learn how to use these templates to your advantage. 

  • All templates have been created to use with 120 pages, we then show you how to use them in larger planners

Video 1: Introduction to Createful Covers and the KDP Templates 


Video 2: Customizing Your PowerPoint Cover Templates


Video 3: Part 1 - KDP Template Images & Spine Area


Video 4: Quick Recap & Formatting Tips


Video 5: Using the Split & Full JPG Images

Video 6: Using the Digital Cover Template - Applies to Abundantly Autumn 03


Please note: the graphics contained in these templates are for the purposes of creating covers only. They may not be extracted or used in any other product.

As a BONUS! We have added an additional 5 covers on us! Download these from your members area. 

Be sure to check back as we will be adding more videos shortly.