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Thank you for your amazing course, Sue!

I have been looking for exactly what you are teaching for a long time and when I came across it – by accident, through a helpful post you had in your blog – I couldn’t believe my eyes! You are teaching everything I’ve wanted to learn since I started publishing journals. So far, they’ve been good but have had quite unexciting interior. I was trying to learn how to do create nice background images, for example and wasn’t finding the right information.

This is when I came to your blog and discovered real gems on your website. I love the way you teach it – in a calm, step-by-step, easy-to-understand manner. I cannot be happier and am getting even more excited as I going through the modules. I already have a few ideas on how I can use what I am learning, and I am only on module 2. Cannot wait to get to the other ones!

And you probably don’t know this but the way you teach is a tutorial within a tutorial for people wanting to create and teach their own courses on whatever subject they fancy. I’ve known you for some time – just wish I’d known what you did so that I could start learning this much earlier! ?

Galina St George

// PureNatureCures.com

I use Google's suite of products for designing and building planners and journals so far...

and I'm very much a newbie. Despite the fact that Sue's course uses Microsoft's PowerPoint, the course is still incredibly useful. In fact, it made me consider buying the PowerPoint product for myself since that offers a few things that Google Slides doesn't. However, the products are close enough that I've been able to make this work quite well.

This course is perfect for someone like me because it teaches the design aspect, along with how and where to sell your final products. So many courses only show you one or the other. We also get to learn about more than one place to sell our planners/journals, so added bonus!

I find Sue's voice soothing and easy to listen to and understand. The instructions for each video are simple, without backtracking on which thing to do first. Yet, you also learn the various way to do one thing (in appropriate cases).

I've taken other courses that didn't explain the process as clearly and required other expensive or complicated software to use. This course is worth every penny for its simplicity and ease of use. Again, even though I don't use PowerPoint, but use something similar, I was able to get great value out of the instructions in this course.

JENN BROCKMAN //  www.jennyjournals.com 

I loved this training...

Sue has made a wonderful step by step course to take you through making your own journals. She makes creating journals easy with her tutorials. The videos are easy to understand and provide a wealth of information. I found the tutorials on using PowerPoint and how to create and design your products invaluable. Once you learn the basic designing and creating of journals, I was excited to see Sue move on to teaching different options for selling your journals and planners as well as how to market them.

Another bonus I loved was not only having the video tutorials, but pdf guides and downloadable templates for practicing.

I enjoyed the course!

DEBBIE MADSON  //  Color Me Red Journals

I love this course!

I’ve been procrastinating on creating journals for ages, thinking it would just be too hard and too time-consuming a task. Just the thought of making all those lines by hand in PhotoShop had me wanting to hide in a corner! All that changed when I started going through Sue’s course.

Going through the modules of this course, I learned more about using PowerPoint than I ever thought possible. I’m impressed with its capabilities and with Sue’s ability to highlight the functions you need to create visually stunning journals and planners. I love that she not only teaches you how to build journals from templates and from scratch, but that she’s also included several lessons on how to sell your journals on your own website and on the various platforms.

Sue’s voice is easy to listen to, and her teaching style is clear and concise. It’s easy to follow along with the instructions and create your first journal while you’re taking the course.  The videos themselves are short enough that you won’t get overwhelmed by the information. I’ve taken a few journal creation courses over the past little while, and Sue’s course is my favorite both in terms of material covered, and how easy it is to actually complete a project and get it published. 

RUTH BOWERS  //  Coloring Book Author - RuthBowers.com

Sue has created a new course...

in designing and implementing journals perfect for the newbie and anyone interested in a refresher course with PowerPoint. Sue's course is very hands on and quite easy to understand and follow along. There is even valuable information on the printers and selling platforms used by creators. The course left me with a fresh sense of confidence and commitment to embark on this new journey. Thank you Sue for your willingness to share your knowledge!

VINA MOZINGO  //  VinaLifeByDesign.com

Who is this for?

  • Bloggers who want to produce journals, planners & printables for their customers
  • Authors who want to publish a line of journals and planners
  • Anyone who is creative and wants to find an outlet for their creativity
  • Work at Home Moms that want to start an online business in their spare time
  • Aspiring designers
  • Coaches who want to brand their planners and journals
  • Any small business owner that wants to create their own products
  • Anyone that wants a new business venture
  • Etsy or Shopify store owners who are looking for new products to sell
  • Anyone who can't find that 'perfect' planner or journal - you can now create your own
  • Anyone who has an interest in creating journals, planners and/or printables
  • Brick & Mortar business owners looking for customised printables and planners to sell or give away

If you'd like to embark on an exciting adventure in journaling, planners and printables then this course is for you!

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Are you ready to actually use your journal and planner templates instead of allowing them to collect digital dust? 

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  • Immediate access to all Modules  
  • Bonus templates to help you create additional journals and planners
  • Free PowerPoint Tips Report - download and start learning your way around
  • Set of 12 Modules - Video and PDF training guides
  • Ongoing access to all updates and new content that is added to the course

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 Turn Your Content Into Ready To - Sell Journals & Planners"

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