Cancer Care Journal Templates

These Cancer Care Journal Templates are sure to be a hit with your customers and it's a great product to add to your stores and publishing arsenal. Helping people manage their cancer care is a very popular topic.

Cancer Care Journal Templates

In this new pack we have created a 10 Page Mini Cancer Care Journal Templates Printable with journals for caring for your yourself and managing your cancer.

The Inside of the Planner:

Cancer Care Inside 1
Cancer Care Inside 2

10 Beautiful Backgrounds/Covers:

Cancer Care Covers 1
Cancer Care Covers 2

9 Cancer Care Stickers:

  • Commercial Use License for the Templates allows you to sell the journals you create. They need to be sold as PDF files and may not include any of the source files/Powerpoint Templates. 

You may use the graphics and papers to generate your final product, but may not give the original files or your modified  file to your customers and clients. If they wish to edit the files then they will need to purchase their own copy.

Cancer Care Journal Templates - Here's what's included for you today: 

  • 10 Templates
  • 6 x 9 Inches, 8 x 10 Inches, 8.5 x 11 inches and A4  
  • Black and White  
  • 10 Beautiful Covers/Divider Pages as JPG files
  •  9 Cancer Care Word Stickers
  • Commercial Use License for the Templates

Remember this content comes with a Commercial License. Which means you can brand these finished books as your own - simply add your logo & URL to the content and resell, publish it, or give it away to your list. 

Please note only the PDF versions may be resold - you do not have resell rights to resell or share the PowerPoint Templates

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