April Birthday Sale

I run a 50% sale once a year on my birthday.

It will run from April 5th at 12.01 am EST to April 9th at 9.00 am EST.

All products will be 50% during that time.

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Just wanted to let you know that Sue from Createful Journals is running a birthday sale with a whopping 50% off coupon. She only does this once a year, and you can pick up any product in her store at a reduced price from now until April 9th.


You can see all of her products here: https://createfuljournals.com/store {Affiliate Link}

Some of the templates that you might like include: 

Simple Templates - these are packs of simple templates that you can add your own flair too.


Journal Prompts Monthly - check out Sue’s monthly program for just $2.50. You get 30 days of Journal Prompts, Fun Words to use in your journal, Monthly Calendar, List of Holidays and Events and 5 PowerPoint templates and some bonus graphics.


Sue has two courses her Createful Courses which includes training on how to use PowerPoint to edit and create your templates. Then her shorter course focuses on getting published on both Amazon and Lulu. This will be the only chance this year to get these courses at 50% off!

Take a look here at the full line of products  https://createfuljournals.com/store {Affiliate Link}

Remember to use the coupon: BIRTHDAYSALE


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