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Adventure Journal 

Don't you just hate it when you go away on vacation and you arrive only to find you have forgotten to pack something? Or lost your itinerary or forgot to get important numbers for your emergency contact? You shake your head and wished you had planned things out better! 

So, it just makes sense to get more organized for your next Adventure, doesn't it? 

We have exactly what you are looking for here!

Our newest journal is our Adventure Journal that comes with preparation pages, check lists, emergency contact info and daily sheets to record where you went, what you ate and a place to record or add your photos or thoughts for the day. 

Adventure Journal 

Whether you are planning a trip or know someone who is, our Adventure Journal will be a perfect fit. It will also make a great gift idea for any travel adventurer. 

In this Adventure Journal you get 125 pages of content. Including an Emergency Contact Sheet, Packing List, Preparation To Do Lists, Places to See & Not to See lists and regular daily recording sheets. 

Cover Image 8 x 10 inches - 125 Pages

Preview of Slide Templates 

This journal is 8 x 10 inches with 125 pages - you may duplicate the pages to create any length journal you like. 

Prefer to publish in Black & White? Then we have included a Greyscale version as well. 

Slides are delivered in PowerPoint for easy editing. Plus get access to our free Facebook Group where you can get additional support. 

Please note the images that are included in this journal are not to be resold or used outside of this journal. 

PowerPoint Full Cover Template

This template file fits the main template and comes with instructions and a ready to use template with Colored Guidelines included. Just insert your own images & text to create a PDF cover in minutes. 

Preview of Included Covers 

You get a Photoshop file of the ecover, plus two ready to use covers. We have also included the banner that we used in the main template in two different sizes for you as well. 

Amazon KDP Ready Files Included 

This cover is 8 x 10 inches and accommodates a  125 - 130 page journal - if you create more pages you will need to adjust the cover accordingly. 

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Commercial Use License Included 

Recap of What You Get Today

Adventure Journal - 125 Pages 

8 x 10 inch Journal - formatted for Amazon KDP or add to your Etsy Store

  •  1. 125 Page Journal in  PowerPoint - 8 x 10 inches 
  • 2. Amazon KDP Formatted 
  • 3. Ready to Use Cover Images
  • 4. PDF Ecover + PSD Files 
  • 5. Commercial License - Allows you to re-brand as you wish. Create new PDF's and then sell or give those away as you wish  

Includes Commercial Use License - You may edit & sell your new version as you wish. 

Thank you from Createful Journals 

Please Note: You may use this content as you wish. Edit & brand it to create your own version or add to a new line of journals & planners.

Resell your new version [PDF] to your customers & clients or give away to build your list. 

To Your Journaling & Planner Success

Sue Fleckenstein/Createful Journals