PLR to Printables Blueprint

It’s Time to Finally Learn What PLR is and How to Use it Without Letting Frustration Hold You Back

Because I know that as someone who wants to learn how to create Printables you might be feeling stuck. You have tried to use PLR Templates but just get frustrated with knowing what your first steps are. Everyone tells you to customize your PLR Templates, but you don't know how! 

Help is Here! 

Our Free PLR to Printables Blueprint is just what you need!

PLR to Printables Blueprint Course

Here's who I created this course for: 

  • Anyone who is new to the world of PLR
  • Anyone who is feeling frustrated at how to get started using their PLR templates 
  • Anyone who doesn't feel that they are creative enough 

What PLR to Printables Blueprint Teaches You

  • What PLR is, how to use it and why you should be using it to create your products 
  • How to Organize your PLR Templates on your computer
  • Discover where to get the best graphics from
  • Follow step by step as I make simple changes to a PowerPoint Template - template is included in the course
  • Follow step by step as I make simple changes to a Canva Template - template is included in the course
  • Learn how to package up your printable to get it ready to sell
  • Learn how to create a download link for your customers
  • Where to start selling your printables

Easy to Follow Tutorials

3 Module Course - check off your completed units as you go - course can be taken multiple times

This course includes easy to follow video tutorials. You simple follow along step by step at your own pace. We have included all the templates that we demonstrate in the course as well. So you can practice along with me. Plus you get invited into my Facebook group for additonal help and feedback. 

So if today’s the day that you’ll finally stop wondering how to use PLR  and want to start learning how to put your PLR Templates to use, then click the button below to sign up. 

Best of all it's FREE!

Please Note: These sets of PLR Templates provide you with the rights to edit and brand them as you wish. You may then resell your new versions as a PDF version or flattened file. You cannot pass or PLR Rights to your customers, if they wish to edit then they need to purchase their own set of templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

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