Mindful Motherhood Affirmations

Discover the magic of the Mindful Motherhood Affirmations Pack—a lovingly curated PLR set designed for every dedicated mom. Dive deep with beautifully crafted affirmation cards, an introspective journal, engaging prompts, and an inspiring 30-day challenge. Motherhood, while deeply rewarding, comes with its challenges. These affirmations serve as gentle reminders, anchoring you in positivity and resilience. Because every mom deserves moments of clarity, confidence, and calm. Let these affirmations guide you through the highs and lows, reminding you of the incredible strength you possess. Embrace the journey of motherhood with love, grace, and mindfulness.

Mindful Motherhood Affirmations Pack with PLR Rights

These packs are available as both PowerPoint and Canva Templates. You can edit in the program of your choice. 

PowerPoint Templates are sized at 8.5 x 11 inches (Letter Size) and A4 

Canva Templates are sized at 8.5 x 11 inches (Letter Size)

Affirmation Cards are 5 x 3 inches in both formats

This pack includes: 

  • 30 Day Mindful Motherhood Challenge 
  • Mindful Motherhood Affirmation Card Collection - 5 pages of 6 cards per page 
  • 32 Page Mindful Motherhood Journal - 1 prompt per page
  •  31 Affirmation Cards sized at 5 x 3 inches 
  • 4 Page Daily Mindful Motherhood Journal - add more pages to create a full custom journal
Mindful Motherhood Affirmations
Mindful Motherhood Journal Prompts
Affirmation Cards

Use these plr templates to create a unique version that you can sell on Etsy, Shopify, on your own blog or from your own online store. You may create new products for your clients and provide them with a final PDF version. 

You may like to modify the pages by changing the fonts, switching out the background graphics, adding new pages to quickly create a new set of products. Remember you can bundle these and sell, and/or sell them as individual products in your store. 

Please Note: These sets of PLR Templates provide you with the rights to edit and brand them as you wish. You may then resell your new versions as a PDF version or flattened file. You cannot pass on PLR Rights to your customers, if they wish to edit then they need to purchase their own set of templates. Sign up to our Affiliate program & sell the pack that way. 

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