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Are you feeling a bit like you've hit a creativity roadblock or perhaps you're lost in the maze of business challenges? The on-line market can be cut throat and if you're not on top of your game, well... most of the time, it'll suck you dry. We get it! We understand the hurdles, the head-scratching moments, and the craving for content that doesn't just shine but sets your brand on fire!

If you're one the many people out there finding yourself yearning for business solutions that resonate with your entrepreneurial spirit, you can finally give a sigh of relief, because you're in the right place.



This is Your Monthly Business Oasis

Our anticipation is that this Paid Monthly Membership will bring long-lasting and fruitful benefits to you, our Members. As long as you remain a Createful Journals Business Hub Member, you'll have access to all the Valuable Resources in the Vault.

Get ready for an exciting journey! Look at what's in store for you...
All our Templates are designed in PowerPoint and Canva, so you just choose your platform and start editing

Createful Journals Business Hub

Why do all the hard work, when we already have it available?

Createful Journals have been successful in the On-line Market for over 6 Years now, we know what we're talking about when it comes to high quality products that will elevate your brand on-line.

For a Small Monthly Fee, you'll receive a Collection of Ready-made Digital & Printable Business Templates designed to elevate your Brand on-line or at a physical shop. You simply add your personal touch and you're ready to launch. We want to see you succeed, so not only will we provide you with the Best Quality Business Templates, we'll also add the necessary tools like, Business Insights, Tutorials and Templates needed to Jumpstart your business

To show our gratitude to you, our Members, we have decided that, throughout the year, just because we can, we'll add some Bonus items or Special deals to the Business Hub Vault. These items will follow current or future trends, and we'll be sure to add all the bells and whistles. 

The little bonuses could range from a Minimalist Calendar to a Done-For-You Social Media Kit, so keep your eyes peeled.

Who stands to Benefit from joining this Membership?

  • PLR 'newbies - learn how to profit by creating an actual business and start taking action
  • Content Creators - use our templates to add products and blog posts to your site
  • Online Shop and / Small Business owners - Want to know how to set up Woo Commerce - coming this month 
  • Affiliate Marketers - use your content to create bonuses and lead magnets 
  • Busy Entrepreneurs - save time by using our templates as a starting point
  • Virtual Assistants- help your clients rebrand and create content customized for them
  • Basically, anyone who needs a little Inspiration, and a whole lot of Good Quality PLR Content

Easy to Navigate Members Area

As a Paid Member you'll have access to all the Resources in the Vault. We've made it real easy for you to find the resources you're looking for. Here's a quick run-down on the Createful Journals Business Hub Members Area:

The Members Area is divided into 5 easy to Navigate Hubs

This will be your go-to destination for all things, well... (as the name suggests) training related. Unlock your full  potential, and that of your business, with our repository of training courses. From foundational business principles to advanced strategies, access this members only content, to help you succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.
Here, Ideas Collide with Creativity! From PowerPoint Presentations & Canva Wonders to learning & mastering AI platforms, we have you and your business covered! With Digital and Printable Resources as well as some Helpful tips & Tricks along the way, this is the place to be for all you creatives. 
Elevate your online presence and watch your business soar with our Marketing Hub. Explore a variety of strategies, tips, and tools to enhance your marketing efforts, attract more customers, and grow your brand in the competitive online landscape.
Jumpstart your business ventures with our Template Hub, your one-stop shop for all the essential or as some would call it, the 'base' templates you need. From minimalist Monthly Calendars to Sellers Start-up Toolkits, here, you'll find that template you need that'll kickstart your next design with ease and perfection.
What would a Createful Journals Membership be without some guidance from us? Each month we'll add to the already extensive list of carefully curated resources, ranging from recommended tools and websites to hand-picked products from our very own store. We want to  support you on your entrepreneurial journey, and we aim to provide you with everything you need to succeed.

What You Get Each Month

  • Professionally Designed Business Insights in either one of these formats a Report, eBook or Guide on a specific topic
  • A range of Ready-made Digital templates required in the On-line world like mock-ups, brand boards etc.
  • Additional information we found read worthy, covering a certain topic or platform like trends to follow, sizing guides etc.
  • Creative Platform assistance (ie. Canva, PowerPoint etc.) which could include how-to's, cheat sheets, mini training courses etc.
  • Printable Templates (usually following the latest trends), can include templates for, Business Cards, Invoice, Quotes etc.
  • As a Token of Our Appreciation we occasionally throw in a Little Bonus at no extra charge
  • You Become part of our Business Hub Community and connect with others on the same journey, sharing ideas and wins.
Let the Createful Journals Business Hub help you start, grow or improve your business presence, be it On-Line or Digital.

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Below are some examples of the work we do - start your new business with our branding templates
CJ Business Hub

Please Note: Some of the assets we include will be for Personal Use only. Editable Templates in PowerPoint & Canva come with our Commercial Use Rights License, unless otherwise stated. You will have access to the Hub while a paying member. No files will be stored on our site for you. Thank you! 

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